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TUF6 episode 4: Someone, end the madness

October 11, 2007

I’m not really sure how much energy I’ve got tonight to write a recap about the latest episode of The Ultimate Fighter.

Where to start? The drama over Dorian Price’s supposed rampage, really seemed to have been built up to be a bigger deal than it actually was. After reading Price’s rant about the episode last week, I was expecting something messy. Like Price drop kicking a camera or something.

I don’t think Price came across that bad, at all. The guy was having an emotional breakdown and he had a natural reaction to what was a very unnatural situation — a camera crew capturing your moment of weakness. No big deal. If he crossed the line, it was by a toe, at most.

Matt Hughes, whose team is down 2-1, is concerned about his team’s effort. He puts them through a tough workout That’s what a coach is supposed to do. These guys want to be professionals. They need to start putting forth more effort than what we’ve seen from his team in episodes 2 and 3.

Still, Matt Serra finds a reason to poke at Hughes. From what I’ve seen on the blogs, most people are eating Serra’s act up. I’m undecided. It might take me a couple more episodes to sort through my Serra feelings. A session with my therapist is probably in my future.

This week’s matchup pits Blake Bowman and Richie Hightower. There’s no drama this week about whether either of these fighters are going to make weight. They could have worn their street clothes and carried their gym bags onto the scales and still made weight.

It seems everyone on team Serra wanted a shot at Bowman. Can you blame them?

After watching Bowman spar and then hold back tears after tweaking a rib, you have to wonder just how good Bowman’s audition tape must have been. That must have been one f*ing great tape. How else do you explain this guy making the show?

I’m sure the forums and blogs are going to be merciless.

At one point, Serra has his team around him discussing potential matchups and everyone is talking about wanting Bowman and a shot at $5,000 bonus for stopping the bout early. Serra says something that is bleeped out. I’ve played it a couple times and I think he’s says “Gabe Ruediger” before he’s beeped. Ruediger was the fighter who was sent home in TUF5 because he didn’t make weight.

What Ruediger had to do with this situation puzzles the crap out of me. Of course, there’s a chance he wasn’t saying Gabe but something else.

The other thing we saw in episode 4 was the emergence of Mac Danzig.

There’s Danzig trying to give Bowman some pre-fight advice. There’s Danzig consoling Price. There’s Danzig trash-talking Hightower. Want to start taking some bets about whether Danzig is headed to the TUF6 finals?

And then, there was the fight.

Bowman threw a couple weak jabs. The fighters got into the clinch and Bowman threw some knees. And then inexplicably, he fell to the canvas where Hightower pounced and threw a barrage of punches. Fight over.

So, here we go into episode 5 and we still haven’t seen anyone other than Danzig emerge as a fighter who might have a UFC future beyond this season.

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