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Where will Kimbo fight?

October 8, 2007

Just a few thoughts on the cancellation of the Kimbo Slice – Tank Abbott fight that was scheduled for Friday in Atlantic City . . . I think it’s a safe bet to say that if Kimbo and Tank are still game, there will be no shortage of promoters willing to put this fight on. The Fight Network  reported that the Palace Fighting Championships, EliteXC and an as of yet-named organization or all talking about putting the bout on an upcoming card . . . There’s a card this weekend that could really use the Kimbo-Tank hype. If Mark Cuban really wants to make a splash this weekend with the debut of his HDnet Fights, he’d do whatever he could to get Kimbo and Tank to Dallas. His card could really use some excitement. Right now the marquee match is Jeff Ford vs. Erik Paulson. Of course putting Tank on his card would go against Cuban’s professed desire to focus on the athleticism of mixed martial arts. I’m doubting Tank is going to come into this fight in prime physical condition . . . There are still some skeptics who don’t think Kimbo would be much of a pay-per-view draw. But check out the Sherdog survey that asked which non-UFC fighter Fedor Emelianenko should fight. The overwhelming answer with 54 percent of the vote was Josh Barnett. Number 2, however, was Kimbo with 11 percent of the more than 19,000 votes cast.


Kimbo Slice fight still on

October 4, 2007

This week’s column at is up. It’s a commentary on Kimbo Slice, who, despite the rumors running rampant on the web yesterday, is still scheduled to fight in the Cage Fury Fighting Championships 6 in Atlantic City next week. The fight is supposedly going to be broadcast live on the internet after the promotion lost its pay-per-view deal.

Click here to check out my column.

[Update: Apparently, the fight is now OFF. Bummer.]

TUF6 episode 3: Joe goes home

October 4, 2007


Here are the words that will follow Joe Scarola around forever: “I’m not a dick. I’m not a douche bag. I’m not a pussy.”

So long, Joe.

I think I speak for all viewers of The Ultimate Fighter when I say we were as sick of your whining as you were of the house.

Scarola, who lost his fight in episode 1, packed his bags and left the house in last night’s episode. He had been crying since the last episode about missing his girlfriend. Awwww. How sweet.

At this moment, there’s some fighter gnashing his teeth because he missed the cut for TUF6 after Matt Serra, one of the coaches, pulled Read more…

Silva now. Silva later.

October 3, 2007


How early is too early to place a bet on the Anderson Silva vs. Rich Franklin bout on UFC 77?

The fight is still more than two weeks away and probably isn’t too high on anyone’s radar, just yet.

There are some risks in betting too early. There’s still a lot of time for information to leak out that might have some affect on the betting.

However, sometimes, you’ve got to realize a deal when you see it and move in with some early money.

Odds on mixed martial arts events often don’t get posted Read more…

Tara LaRosa reppn’ the 856

September 27, 2007


My column this week at is about female fighter Tara LaRosa. She’s the best female fighter in the world and just so happens to be from Woodstown, N.J., a place I know pretty well.

Woodstown is one of those small south Jersey towns that is so out of the way that if you pass through it, you’re either on your way to Atlantic City or hopelessly lost. I worked in Woodstown for about a year and though I never met LaRosa, I did meet her dad, who owns a sprawling plant nursery on the edge of town.

“I can name any flower in the world,” she told me. “I can tell you how to grow anything, what kind of light it needs, where you should plant it.”

So, LaRosa, who has a BJJ purple belt, also has a green thumb.

Bible class with Matt Hughes

September 26, 2007

Matt Hughes is a wack job. Those are Matt Serra’s words, not mine.

Still, you have to wonder what Hughes is doing breaking out bibles and asking his team members to read a section out of the book of Esther.

I’m not judging Hughes for his religious convictions. But it’s sort of mind-boggling what this scene from Wednesday’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter is supposed to mean. Hughes tells his fighters to read the selection and tell him which biblical figure best represents Hughes.


Maybe, Hughes truly is as egotistical as all his critics make him out to be.

Hughes’ weirdness aside, the rest of TUF6 episode 2 is pretty much as boring as we’ve come to expect.

Once again, there’s a fighter who is freaking out because Read more…

Another reason boxing is in trouble

September 26, 2007

You gotta admit, it’s never good for the sport when the world’s most popular boxer gets caught in fishnets and heels. Oscar De La Hoya’s camp says the photos are fake. You can check em out at X17 and decide for yourself.